If you would like to be an affiliate for the James16Group and earn commissions for sending us new members. Please contact us below.

We always welcome the opportunity to see if your company or venture is worthy of sharing our mission of actually helping traders first and making money second. If the answer is a clear yes and you have a track record to prove it we would love to take a closer look. From 2005 to 2014 we have partnered or affiliated with a total of zero. This was a promise made to the early subscribers to the group. We promised we would be different and we have kept that promise. As we move forward we have decided to at least take a look. I If your company or venture is accepted you can truly know you are in rare air so to speak.

There is no better name in Forex than the James16 Group. We have been offered partner and affiliate status with more than a dozen brokers and countless other sites over the past decade and have turned them all down. We are not changing how we do business we are actually going to give worthy candidates an opportunity to show themselves as being different than the status quo and being rewarded by doing business with us. If you enjoy doing the right thing as a mission statement of your company give us a shout.


For All Inquires Please Use The Form Below.