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Who Am I?

I’ve been trading for over 13 years and trading has been a passion of mine ever since I laid eyes on a chart. I originally started as a member of this group and over time people have enjoyed what I teach. I’m passionate about the markets. I’ve learned a lot over the years, about myself, about what works, what doesn’t, and now how to help others try to achieve their goals. My goal is to be able to help traders of all levels, from the complete newbie to those of you that have been trading as long or longer then me. What I teach is my experience, but what I also do is help you focus on the areas that you are stuck on as a trader. More on this in a bit.

What you will learn from me

I trade Forex, Equities and Futures. I put no emphasis on one over the other. All I care about is taking a trade that puts me in a great position to control my risk and offers potential. I greatly believe in keeping your trading as simple as possible and being as picky as possible. This means watching more charts and having a specific game plan put together for each trade. No hocus pocus here, just sound logic for each trade I take. I trade everything from breakouts, to sideways markets, to swing markets. The timeframes I trade are the 1hr and higher. I am not someone who likes to babysit my trades or spend a large time in front of my charts on small timeframes. It does not fit my personality. Trading is all about putting together a method that fits your personality. As a trader my goals are not to do anything but take strong trades and apply sound logic to these trades. I believe trading is in the details, the nuances and I show you ALL of my nuances. You will not see me hold anything back as I am here to help show you exactly what I do.

One of the biggest components I teach is RISK management. Always remember trading is very risky. The goal is always to be able to cut our losses as much as possible. Most people simply have unrealistic expectations about trading. They want to turn their small account into riches. It’s just not realistic. Trading takes time and commitment. It’s a slow evolution over time.

Here are some examples of my trading style. Please understand these are just a few examples. I look at my trading as a toolbox of trades that I have built up to be able to use over the years

What I want to do for you

As an instructor my goal is to do my best to help you achieve your goals. The best way I can do that is through sharing my experience and trying to help you see where you need work , and work with you on those areas. I’ve encountered three main types of struggling traders.

Newbie vs Losing Traders vs Breakeven Traders : Which are you?

Their is a great difference between the three. Generally I find people are lumped into one of these three categories. I’ve worked with thousands of all 3 over the years and some of the main differences and things we cover in the group apply for each category.

Newbie Trader

This is the trader who is just new to the business. You are just beginning to learn what this business involves. You feel lost and overwhelmed. This is ok we’ve all been there. You will find no safer place to learn than the james16group and we will take you from the very first steps. You will find the most basic concepts covered and you will never be made to feel under anyone for being at the level you are. We have ALL been there at some point and I can remember those days very well.

Here is an example newbie webinar I did for the group. I love helping you new folks and it’s awesome when you get someone who is new and passionate about learning. To be in the position to share is not something I take for granted

Losing Trader

If you are a large losing trader you need to make drastic changes to your trading. If you do not make those changes you have no chance. If you are blowing up accounts or taking large % losses to your account you are doing something drastically wrong. This type of trader needs to work on some core concepts such as

-Proper Money Management
-Sound stop loss implementation
-Understand and learning core concepts or Price action/Support and resistance
-Over trading
-Impulsive trading(gambling)

The Breakeven Trader

This is the most difficult place to be as a trader. It is by the far the most frustrating part of trading. These traders understand the basics, they understand a lot more about the concepts but they are not paying enough attention to the details. This is where I get truly excited to help traders. Understanding the nuances of trading is key to proper success. Concepts that are going to make you a better trader include

-Understanding how to game plan start to finish
-cutting losses and letting winners run. Actual Real application of this as opposed to just talk
-Trade exits and how they really work
-Dynamic Risk to reward(one of the most misunderstood topics in trading, I discuss this topic with a new spin)
-Consistency in trading

So if you find yourself in any of these categories I’m going to be here to help and I look forward to doing that.

For any and all questions do not hesitate to email me: