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About ME

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Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, I am an active trader since 2006, an avid outdoors enthusiast, a long time fan of the Chicago Cubs, and an Emergency Room Registered Nurse for the prior 20 years.

What to expect

My mission and vision is to exceed EVERY single one of your expectations, and have a lot of fun during the process. Options are no better, or worse, than any other type of trading vehicle, they are just different. Once those differences are accepted, strategies are deployed to create powerful and consistent profits. Options are by no means “day-trading”, and oftentimes positions may stay open for weeks at a time. Each day that passes in “time”, profits are continually accumulated.

You can expect to learn a solid foundation from me about options, and that foundation will either serve as a hobby or a business – you will decide which.  The principle emphasis is capital preservation first, profit accumulation second, and strategy development third. I teach simple methods that can be traded in small accounts, large accounts, retirement accounts, or even portfolio margin accounts.

What I believe

My personal philosophy is simple.  Live with intention a grateful and content life, and always seek to improve daily. 1% better every day is my mantra.  Try not to judge anyone as you have never walked in their shoes, but instead, reflect on how you can love, help, and encourage.  I fully embrace the mindset that “there is more to life than me”, and believe that when we focus on others first, the blessings discovered will enter your life in profound and unexpected ways.  Give it a try sometime, this hurting world sure could use more LOVE.

For any and all questions do not hesitate to email me: