How The James16Group Started


Welcome to the James16 Group website. Our group started in January 2006 as a private forum at Forex factory. The original group grew out of the James16 chart thread and as a result of roughly 20 people’s request for help. The James16 Group was instrumental in the early growth of one of the most visited sites on the internet, Forex Factory. I was asked by the founder of Forex Factory to base my group actually at Forex Factory and it remained there for two years. I was fully vetted by Merlin and graciously given a place to help struggling traders.

Merlin Jeffries will always have a special place with us here at the J16 Group. The group was not a result of a business model or an attempt on our part to create a business in fact I turned Merlin down several times.  Early on it was meant to be a small group and to stay that way but, due to satisfied traders and Forex Factories explosive growth it has grown and continues to do so even with no advertising.  Our growth has been difficult for many reasons, but the early goal of keeping our focus on helping people instead of on a business with a marketing plan is still intact even with this growth.

We have never spent a dime on advertising – no marketing, no affiliates, nothing other than our signatures at Forex factory and a buried preferred services banner.  How many times have you been scammed?  As of 2015 and ten years of teaching on the net every scam artist from every corner of the earth now uses my material to claim his fame to knowing how to trade.

I have always been proud to give credit to those that helped me along the way but I did not join there site for three months and go off and claim to have developed and perfected trading it. What I do was developed over 30 plus years of hard work. NOT THREE MONTHS OF STEALING SOMEONES MATERIAL.

Are you tired of that crap? I have over 30 years of being tired of it and this group is a response to it in many many ways. We will never make use of any of the underhanded practices used by so many in this business to remove money from the pockets of un-suspecting and uneducated people trying to navigate the shark-infested waters of this tough and unmerciful business. Our goal has always been to do just the opposite, to truly be the anti-scam.

We will continue our attempt to give you the single best location on the web to learn this business and we will continue to do it for the lowest cost we possibly can. One of our testimonials states that for what we offer, it’s virtually free. There is a lot of truth to that if you compare us to many other sites but we realize that in some parts of the world nothing could be further from the truth. This is one of the main reasons we continue to do our best to keep our costs as low as possible. We have never turned down anyone that asked for help whether they paid for our help or not. The james16 Chart Thread has taught more people how to trade for free over the past ten years than most paid sites combined. I’m very proud of that.