These are testimonials from real people and were all unsolicited. It’s honestly hard for me to believe that our little group which was started for roughly 10 to 20 people has come so far. I don’t know how many of these people will actually go on to achieve their dreams, but they at least received the truth and a fighting chance instead of hype and empty promises. This business requires a solid business plan, dedication, persistence and common sense. Show me a trading website with more actual trader testimonials than this. But before you do know i have about three times this many i haven’t added yet. 😉


I have alot to thank you and the j16 guys for – I am now full time trading and have been for a few months. Its going pretty good, very tough but loving it at the same time. I should spend some more time on the forum but when you find your niche those things can actually be quite distracting!!.
I am doing touch trades off s&r levels, keeping it simple and just managing the trade.
if anyone told me at the start how much effort was involved, how much you have to sacrifice, the pain that you HAVE to go through to appreciate the power of patience and discipline, well I probably woudnt have started.
Anyways I just wanted to say thanks!

Dear Mike,I have been for one year in the private group and it is the right time to say thank you. I was not participating in the forums for different reasons but I have spent thousands of hours reading and watching videos from you, James and Jarroo. One year ago I almost knew nothing about trading, today I have been profitable for three months in a row with a live account. The reason for that is people like you who are in the forum. I hope one day I will be able to help people as you do. I really appreciate and admire the time and efforts you take to teach people like me. You cannot imagine how thankful I am with all of you.All the best.

Last night I took your advise on using PB’s in the stock market and spent about 3 hours looking through stock charts for PB action. I found 4 that I liked and took them at the opening bell this morning. It’s now three o’clock and 3 of the 4 have hit my targets. I’m up 2½ percent in one day. That’s a nice piece of change on this account. This paid for my $1,290 yearly fee a few times over.

Hi Mike!
First of all I want to thank you for ALL YOUR BRILLIANT WORK!
I still can not believe in that how do you handle with all this…
I’m really hesitate  wasting your time on my stupid questions (much like 2
years ago when I started with reading J16 Thread) because this place
contains A TON OF UNIQUE information! I continuously reading, listening,
watching this amazing stuff and I really ENJOY this! And I realize over the
time that on all my questions you’ve already answered many years ago…
It’s just amazing place and I swear, what I never met folks like you, those
who inside this group…
Sorry for ranting and…

Hey Jim and Mike. Just wanted to say thanks again for all the things i learnt from you guys over the years.
Also wanted to share the same trade you took, i took with a small different entry.
look at first chart 13-3-12-gbpnzd2.  I found confluence at BRN, TL as support and price action on 4 hours. A BUIB formed and i bought on the break @ 9055.
On next chatrt you can see the TP leveles I have marked.  So far took on 4 full lots.
1st 70 pips
2nd 200 pips
3rd 300 pips
4th.  Dont know and dont care.  As for now, i am booking my familys trip to Cancun for spring break.  jejej Thanks to you and Mike and a great 2012 that is just starting
You are the best guys in the business.
You can share this email if you want.  I think its nice to motivate others.  Thats how i got started some years ago. 🙂

I cant tell you how refreshing it is to have a place where i can ask questions from guys that actually know what they are talking about without having to deal the condescending attitude that i have found pretty much everywhere else i have been. The best $130.00 i have ever spent….. ever.

I want to tell you that the videos I have watched from you are excellent, so excellent that I am right now in a trade (paper) that I have with nzdusd and I am up 1103 pips so far.  My biggest concern was where to put my stop and not to get out in a hurry to let it run.  I watched about 3 or 4 of your videos on the Free section, joined, and then watch a few more, read the section on Exit Strategies and Ideas and it put me over the top on understanding and a SIMPLE trading technique.  To tell us that you were out golfing while a trade was going on was great!!!

Wanted to say how much I enjoyed “Reasons why aspiring traders remain aspiring traders”.  Saw myself in the “over-thinking” part 2, seeing too many reasons not to trade.  I talk myself out of trades noticing all the trouble areas.  I think I just need more understanding which means more confidence.  I am curing that by going thru your old webinars, and Jim’s “Where is price going?”.  Really changing how I view charts.  This is a great site and I have only just joined.

Wanted to start by saying thank you very much for everything you and the James16 group does. I’ve been trading now for 3 years and after a year+ with James16 I have gone from my first two loosing years to breakeven in 2012. I feel 2013 is going to be my first profitable year and it is starting out good with 4.3% ROI for Jan. Everything you teach is finaly sinking in, fewer trades, being picking and realy just waiting for the market to come to me is making all the difference. So again thank you very much I see a bright future for me in trading and I would not be were I am today if not for your guidance.

As I woke up this morning and saw my take profit order executed on last weeks NZDUSD pinbar i said to myself: i cant continue like this, i have to say thank you to the man who started it all…
so it goes like this:I finished university 3 years ago with a masters in finance and got a job in bonds. after 1.5 years working in bonds i got a little bored (there are not many things you can do when dealing with bonds), while at the same time i was excited about forex (the people in the dealing room were sitting close to me)…
At that time the company was taking the dealers to a technical analysis seminar and they decided to take me along….
so we went 10 people alltogether… the seminar lasted a whole weekend and when it finished i started wondering is it that simple? after a couple of months i was transfered to the dealing room as a forex trader and started applying the techniques that i had learnt in the weekend seminars (no need to say the seminars costed the firm thousands of dollars)…
the result: disaster. at that time i started hearing the rumours that 95% of traders fail, i was pretty sure i was definetely going to be in that 95%.
then i saw your thread in forexfactory and after a month i joined the PF….
WOW, the results are unbelievable, i ve been in the PF for 6-7 months and i cant thank you enough, i will continue to be a member for ever… i dont remember the last time i lost a trade, and i trade almost daily, my last losing trade might have occured 2-3 weeks ago…
the funny thing is that the chief dealers now ask me before taking a trade, the boss asks me “the newbie” before taking a trade…
my boss is 60 years old and started working in the FX markets 40 years ago, he worked in all major financial markets in the world and newspapers wrote articles about his success…. if i disagree about a trade he doesnt take it, can you believe it?
anyway the point of my story is to THANK you and all the others (dialist, fiji, mbqb, marejp, raczekfx, seeking light, swami, FXV, Baddison, habeeb, clockwork etc) that contributed to this forum….
my life wouldnt be the same without you guys, keep up the excellent work

My main meat & potatoes trade currently is option spreading on the RUT.  Basically butterfly trades.  Anyway, I like to keep it in the yard, and never let me delta get overpowered in ratio to my theta.  The more the market ranges, the easier and quicker I make money.  Since I have started with j16, and zoomed out to really looking at the larger timeframes, it has made ALL the difference in my options trades.  This is what I have drawn for the RUT right now.  So armed with this knowledge, I am able to make position adjustments much much sooner than before, and keep significantly more profits in my own pocket.

I don’t normally play this pair because of the high spread I jumped in last
night and glad I did. The OB was not perfect but netted me almost 500 pips. Stopped dead on the 23.6 Fibo and the S/R line. Worth sharing to some of the new folks. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it’s a nice return for a couple hours work.

Starting just this week, I’ve taken 4 trades, and profited on 3 of them just using the pinbars and support resistance ideas on the daily timeframe.

Having been a member for all of one week and a trader for about 20 years I wish to state that in that one week I have learned more useful information than the previous 20 years.

I’ve been learning/trading FOREX for 10 months, with net losses in most. Subscribed to James16 Group in September. October was a winner, my best, yet — grew my account by 13%. I had tried numerous strategies and had just about given up hope that making money in FOREX was for real. Price Action seems to have clicked with me. Thank you so much.

Used the technique I learned from you, when the Dow is still around 12000, I made prediction to my friend that it will eventually go around 7000. ( This was recieved on 10/27/2008 )

so around a month and a half into myjournal and I’ve only made 6 trades which have all been successful for aprofit of +1257 pips…..pretty happy with that so far And cheers Jim …. this website and the wisdom contained within is awesome as are the folk I’ve met and chat with via Skype & PM’s here. My whole approach to trading has changed and I’m a lot calmer in my trading as I’m beginning to feel added confidence in the method.”

First… THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything that you do. For the first time in my life (over 10 years of trading) I am actually learning how to trade – instead of just taking signals from somebody elses system. It’s an amazing feeling to analyze a chart, develop a plan, and see price do what you expect it to, and it fills me with hope for my future.


I just wanted to say, it is really nice to be a part of this forum. My knowledge base has expanded greatly in the past few months, and I really am putting all my
effort into this. Its good to have people like Mike on our side, guiding everyone along the way. :thumbup1:

I’m proud to say I’ve been profitable since Aug. 2008 – and I’m excited, but nervous at the same time. I can’t help but feel like each month is when things will fall apart, but my account balance keeps going up. Been risking only 3% on each trade, and it’s amazing how fast those profits add up.

I have very litle time lately to hang around here. This is because my work is rather demanding lately and the little time I have left i spend it on trading.
Want you to know that I am on the right track and with effort and work I am up 9% for the year which is much more than a loosing position.
This has a lot to do with J16group; the forum, the emails, the webinars, etc…

I finally joined last week and can’t stop going over everything. My computer has been playing James16 videos and webinars without turning the computer off or even going out of the house since Thursday evening. The only thing I have done is eat and go to the bathroom. I haven’t even showered. I have learned more productive information in the past 4-5 days than in 7 years of trying to make indicators work. I am stoked.

Sending you a private message because I don’t mean to come across as cocky, or anything, I’ve been trading live since January 2011 now after demoing for 6 months (June 2010 – December 2010). Today I made a 17% return on 3% risk trading smart and not doing anything other than what I have been taught by you and James. I know I haven’t made it, and I’m still a newbie, but the point of my message is that I wouldn’t have been able to trade the way I do today without you guys.

thought this would put a smile on your face – for me it has (and more than just one).
Trading a sideways market with confidence. Profitable since Dec 2007 (Feb will be 3rd
month in a row). Thanks man, for all you have done and are still doing for us.
This is a very special place to be!

Just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t do it!!
Everytime I try to escape, J16 captures me and drags me back! 6 months profits in a row! It’s damn simple.
What else I can say to thank u Jim and all your good friends in here who help me to push my trading standard to this level?

I just want to add my voice to those thanking James for this thread as I am yet another sucker who thought the ‘easy’ money was to be made on the short TFs. This thread has saved my account and now (thanks to the EJ pin) I am ahead for the 1st time. What a feeling to open my trade this morning to find I was over 200 pips up!

J16 really is the easiest and best way to trade.

I also had a hell of a night last night! I caught the NZD move plus nice moves on daily AUDJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and USDJPY. . . woke up with a nice little 5% increase in my demo balance. I think my trades now are up to around a 75-80% win rate… I’m getting good at this thanks to you guys 🙂

I followed my 13% in October with 11.3% in November and, currently 21.5% in December! I have met my quarterly goal and will now probably take a break from trading through the Holidays. The James16 website is great. My hat’s off to you and all the others who have provided such valuable information.

Thanks to the enlightenment I have received here I managed to scrape up +800 pips for the month of March, SOLELY trading they way Jim and others here have described. I truely finally feel at ease when I trade and I am trading with confidence.

Thanks to you James, you revolutionized my trading style. I’m out for the day guys. 263 pips across various lot sizes.

6 trades taken this month. 2 break evens, 4 winners, zero losers
James16, thank you thank you thank you.

you’ve helped not only my trading but my personal life as well.

Wanted to drop you an email and say hi and a big thanks to James and yourself for all the great instruction you give. I have made it to lifetime membership so thought it about time I dropped you a line!
 Also want to thank the site for suggesting the 3 months min before going live. Really saved my butt as it took me 6 months before I hit the 3 month consec profit on demo and have now finished my first 3 months live at a profit of 5% total so far. Not amazing but a good start.

When I joined your site I was skeptical because almost all training sessions I have paid for (both investing and in a business I owned) were not worth the time or money. Yours has been and continues to be the best most valuable training I can imagine.

after spending 6 months studying the material in the PF, I resumed live trading. For the past 2 months, my small account is up 13%. I have taken 4 trades, 3 winners, 1 breakeven.
As I was sitting here infront of my July Coffee chart, looking at beautiful pin on a PPZ with confluence of 61.8% retrace, this overwhelming feeling hit me…..I get it. I took this pin on Friday and it broke hard, so I moved my stops to breakeven and now I am in a risk-free trade.
Although no one will never really fully understand the markets, I feel as though (on some level) I understand how they move thanks to J16.

I’ve just started on the ‘road to recovery’ – demo trading daily charts until I have 3 profitable months in a row. It is a very different experience to the angst I was constantly feeling in my previous incarnation as a scalper – there is plenty of time to carefully consider every trade, and I’m trying to school myself only to look at charts morning and evening so that I don’t get tempted to do anything stupid. So far I’ve made 2 trades – 353 pip gain and 147 pip gain.

I had at least 8 trades this month following your material and all of them were winner. AMAZING!!!

i have only had one loss this year trading the j16 way.

I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone at J16 for all the hard work that you have done in order to help people become better traders. I have been a member for 3 months but I have to cancel my subscription for financial reasons. But during these months I have learned more about trading than in any book I have read or advice from any other so-called “experts.” I began trading about 1 year ago and truly had no idea what I was doing other than reading a couple forex books…which only counfused and frustrated me. I figured I’d give it one more shot and I am so glad I did. I have a very small account with Oanda now but have consistently been making profitable trades (1-2 percent at a time!). I still have a great deal to practice and learn from experience, but I have learned so much from all of you through the tutorials, videos, and posts. I have also gained a great deal of confidence, patience, and discipline in my trading. I also appreciate all the help and honesty from everyone on the public forum as well. It has been a great experience. Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work.

You guys have ZERO idea what you have done for me and my family.

i made a BIG mistake and instead of trading a mini, i traded one full contract of both the EUR, NZD and CHF so my $3000 account grew to over $7800 when I closed all positions friday….:)
I thanked the good lord for the early Christmas present!

Senior traders of the firm ,with 20-40 years of experience, ask me for advice, and i have been trading professionally for a year. Thanks Jim for everything you and your partners have done for me…

I stopped my day trading for a period to focus on what you show, which when conjoined with Divergence gives me frightening results when compared to my previous activities – so much so that after a flypast review I went back to demo to convince myself, and have been hitting nearly 90% win Ratio … thank you.

i managed 140pips on the first run. And BTW i still want to thank jim for this GOD blessed thread, it’s really a gem.

I made over 300 pips on that trade and still in it with the 2nd half. A classic J16 trade in my book, especailly for those that are working off the Weekly/Daily.

Thank you for all your work & generosity with your knowledge. I have said it before & I’ll say it now. James16 group has changed my life forever & for that I’m extremely grateful.

I closed out the long trade on gbpchf at 6562, right at the break of the daily pin going short, for about 500 pips.

p.s. Over the last week, I increased my account size by 4.6 % by using the price action analysis that you teach. No trade ever risked more than 1 %. Though I’ve been with James16 since July….most of that time has been studying and studying, and letting all the information soak in.

I can see that Bernadette is a good teacher,

locked (at 12 o’clock – 4 at the forum)  +635 pps and the rest trades are BE

Thank You for Your supporting messege in each mail, I study longer run trades now, Yesterday I was happy to receive 199pps on gu.

Focusing on just Pin Bar setups on the 1-day charts with Pivots from the weekly has been the focus that I needed. I’ve made 5 trades on the live account since March 1, and they’ve all gone well.

Started studying your material about 3 weeks ago. What fun! I have made 3 trades using pin bars, PZ and bearish/bullish OB and they were all winning trades!! (demo of course) Can’t wait to study more! Love it. Thanks.

I’m am so lucky to be here in this group. This is solid freaking gold! Thanks so much Jim!

Results so far.
16 trades, 13 winners (81%), 3 losers. The losers were early in the month and bad decisions on a yet to close pin. Account up ~66% at ~3% risk / trade, all from daily TF.

BTW, your site kicks ass. I’ve been learning a ton from Mike’s videos, and the little bit of tutorials that I’ve made it through on
your section. Keep up the awesome work.

I just entered and had my first PA success,gbp/jpy pin, entered after 130 round no and out before 132 round no Yahoo.

I have made around 30% on my account using price action risking 1% to 2% per trade since July. Also thank you to Fijitrader for mathematically explaining the importance of money management and symmetrical leverage. You really deserve a lot more credit than you probably get. I didn’t become profitable until I was convinced mathematically of the importance of using money management. Now it is simply a matter of repeating until rich. 🙂 I’ve linked your site to my blog and whenever anyone asks me how to get into trading I always tell them about the group

Oh James if i coulde finde your forum around 1year ago…….. All your warnings i DID IT(what not to do for beginers) I whould 100% sighn with your forum and not go trading with those money. But i glad i found you!!!!!!! soon or later. Thank you very much for shering your knowlege!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Whith all regards Ivan

Thank you. I am finding your resources, your instruction, the people on this site, and your approach — very refreshing and very helpful.

Greatest place I’ve found to learn. Thank you so much for your efforts and for the efforts of those who help you help us. J16 is truly one of the few remaining great places on earth (er, cyberspace, I mean)! Thanks again!

I used to look at trading as something i “have” to do, now it’s also a pleasure for me.

This is my 2nd profitable month in a row (up $3k) and I’m really starting to feel cautiously optimistic.

Hello James, after almost one year with you and all your good teachers, I would like to thank you again for your wonderful forum. Yesterday I shorted the little monthly pin on the NZD/USD at 5800 — this is the kind of gift you are giving us with your amazing methods! Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year

I am constantly amazed by your teachings and personal touch. Everything you have done is grade A+.

trading my retirement stock account last week alone, I have
made more than 10% without margin. That’s a big difference!!! Thanks to J16 system!!!!

Easier than eaten’ lettuce.

grabbed 100 Pips before the weekend. I’m going to enjoy a drink tonight as Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett said… it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and I’m going to enjoy it!

Anybody else jump on the 4H PB on GBPJPY. Just closed it for 100 pips.

As it is, I started my three months Jan 1. I’m up 5% so far. Hope to make it to 10%. I’ve been demoing for about 9 months so far. Not one of them was profitable. But I started using the James16 method this time… so far so good.

I locked in +200 pips on the USD/JPY pin bar yeah baby!

You’ll never know how much you’ve helped me towards making my dreams a reality.

This is long overdue. All I can say is wow!!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine coming across a site like yours, dedicated to learning, positive personal growth, with constant improvements and an interactive element that speaks to all learning styles. Since joining the group in January my trading and confidence have gone to places I did not know existed.
This whole experience has be awesome Jim.

I have just noticed that my last e mail to you was in December 2007. My check book was than much thinner and my weight was about 25 pounds more than today. Some of the daily pin bars helped me to build a new gym in my basement and my wife worships me again.

i have recently joined the group and i can honestly say it is superb! the content and trading examples , system rules etc. have opened my eyes. i wish i had found you a lot sooner.!!!

I’m not the most active of your subsribers (meaning on the message boards) but I wanted to let you know that what u teach about price action and how to use it amazes me. It is so simple it sometimes boggles my mind.

I am still in my short trade of nzdjpy from last week..
up +400pips ..still in the trade..if not because of your exit video…i don’t think i go this far…in fact, this is my best trade in my past 2.5 years trading career

this is the greatest group of people trying to help each other I have every been involved with, and I for one say

Since joining the pf last June, my trading has grown immensely.

James, first of all let me thankyou for setting up the group, mere words cannot do justice to how invaluable it has already been ( even after only a month ) to my trading.

I am so impressed with what I’m doing with you guys that I feel as if I am a calmer person even in my daily life outside of trading.

I have been patiently waiting for pin bars on the 4hr and daily charts. The past day I have taken 3 trades – all winners.

This PF rocks i would like to say i have only been a member for 3 days but have learnt more in the last 3 days than my whole 7 months in Forex. I am so glad i found this site.

I’ve seen a good bit of trading material and this is the best.

i have a lot of friends that trade stocks based on a weak fundamental analysis. they have no concept of money management and are in the red a lot. they have big swings occasionally, like getting in on FRE and FNM at the right times, but generally they are losers
i stay out of their way usually. if they want to learn how to trade profitably, they’ll learn on their own. everyone’s journey is theirs.
anyways yesterday, just for the hell of it, i did some technical analysis on one of the charts they were trading. i applied basic S/R theory combined with price action analysis. a guy really wanted to let his profits run, and i knew he should take profit because of price action, fib retrace and S/R
i simply stated my opinion and the reasons behind it. i figured he could take it or leave it.. he took it. an hour later, the bottom dropped out and he would have lost everything if he didnt follow my suggestions. the guy was so thankful and i had a good feeling inside my soul that i was able to spend 5 minute of my own time and help someone save a lot of money
i would have had no idea how to properly analyze a chart if it wasnt for my own hard work, my own reading, reviewing and understanding. i wouldnt have been able to do so if i didnt pay a small monthly fee either.
but its been your forum that allowed to focus and learn from seasoned intelligent traders. for this reason i thank you. your forum and atlas shrugged has changed my life for the better
i just wanted to share this with you.

I’ve been on the site for 2 months and now and I must admit my trading has improved tremendously from the knowledge I’ve obtained here. So in regards to that, I like to thank you and the staff here for providing such a great learning environment. Great job!

i took the daily pin on the eur, chf and nzd all of which were for 80-290 pips EACH..:)

I took the pin trade and am presently 247pips positive.

I have been in the pool up to 3 times daily , its been very hot !
But not as hot as my S & P Futures Demo . I have to Thank you once again , Jim for all you have taught me.

Since I found j16 I have improved soo much that now i trade from home
full time. It wasnt all about pa though, sorry jim, but the combo of that & fiji
that set me off onto a personal growth period that i did not know
existed. That is what has lead me to transforming my whole life, for me & my
wife. This is (as you say) is dirt simple. I love what i do, I have more
time for my family, ie trading has not taken over my life. The pip
value is what its all about. Just this week I had by best week ever, no stress, more free time, &
more money…. How has this happened. I know how it happened, so thanks to you & the j16 crew, for honesty, & an obvious true desire to help people. After all, there is enough to go around for all.
So from my wife & me, Thankyou.

I hemmed and hawed about joining the PF for a very long time. What a mistake! I’ve been eating up the material every chance I get. I’m stunned at volume of the information and the wonderful way in which it is presented. Sometimes I click on a new page in a thread and realize that the information contained on that ONE PAGE is worth the yearly fee. This is really unbelievable.

Just wanted to say that I’m beginning to read the charts the way James said I would with time. Not that I have it down but I have managed 70% since August. Lately I’ve been asking myself whether it can really be this easy?

Hi there. I just wanted to thank you for some great information. Ive been demotrading with your techniques and it has showed some great results. Now, for the first time im trading live. I only take trades with very high probability as im a bit conservative. I took my 15th trade yesterday and it was my 15th profitable one in a row.

I have made some modest
profits, culminating most recently in a 10% gain on my account in
December. All of this is thanks to your hard work, wonderful
instruction, and the dedication of the incredible community that you
have assembled on the forum and your new site. You literally turned
my trading around.

Just a quick note. I am thus far 3 for 3 on my trades based on the principles that I learned through your videos (and text lessons, but the videos make learning so much easier). Anyway, just wanted to let you know. It has definitely made a significant difference in how I approach my trading, and improved my confidence to boot. Thanks so much for sharing this info.

I made $8200 today, and you know what? It’s not even about the money…it’s about the freedom. You’re giving people a chance to attain that freedom, and that’s what it’s all about to me.

This is a great group! Not because I am an inexperienced trader, looking for a new method to trade (I am always looking for a new/better method to trade), but because here, surrounded by people that have more experience than me, I can check my doubts and expect an answer pointing how to improve my trading thus saving my money and time. (I have spent a lot of it learning from my mistakes).
Thank you for taking me into the group.

I bagged over 150 pips on that BEOB, cashed out half the position right where I expected it to stall, and now have a free trade (plus some) to see if it breaks for the lower PPZ or the 150. Good stuff man!

I really have to say that the most recent video is the best piece of trading material I ever got my hands on. The insight gained on the importance of PPZs, being patient and psychology all blew my mind. I am going to watch it over and over again.

I will never thank you enough for what your are doing for us, blind beginners

Already my trading has changed so much and my account is growing. I am so hungry to learn more.

excuse the slang but I want to thank you again for everything you have done. In short I would be completely lost without everything I have learned thus far from you.

I did play this trade and made a nice profit. I closed it out with 160 pips. I am starting to see the light on picking the better trades.

I can’t describe how much I respect your efforts. Frankly I’d do everything possible to be a PF member even if there was not “free after 1 year” status.

hey jim and thanks for all your time and effort in this. You have really
helped me with my trading and I am glad for the assistance.

I’ve studied forex trading a lot (night and day!) for three years, and been trading a small account every day for the past two years, but not yet quite with consistent earnings. I haven’t given up though! And this week, just along with reading your chart thread and trying to use your ideas, I have had ten trades in a row that made a profit big or small. So, many deep thanks, for such a gift, and for your great spirit that shows so clearly in everything you write!

The site Rocks and is 100% worth the money. Thank you again!

I’m pleased with my analysis, but not so
pleased with my confidence to trade it “all the way” as I only took 100 pips
from pin bar 3 on your chart (the one discussed below). I could have bagged
300. Pin bar 4 was better. I got 150 pips (I used the weekly chart) but …still
could do better. The $129.00 is a drop in the ocean and worth every cent.

I have actually ended my month + for the first time ever and this was mainly using the j16 stuff at ff.

Since I am a member now, I
wanted to thank you for the great place you have created. As you
could likely tell from the email I sent a few weeks ago, I needed a
place like this, and I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have found
it. I can’t begin to describe how positive my experience has been in
the short time I have been around. I am so happy I have a place where
I can learn this deal, and I am really inspired by the integrity of
everyone here. I knew before I came here that it was the real deal,
and joining really confirmed my intuition about you and I am so
excited to have found you guys.

I did have a great quarter turning �250 into over �4000 so far.

I did want to drop a note saying thank you for taking the time to put this material out. I truly feel blessed for having decided to click on the James16 Chart thread over on FF. Been a member here for just week now and believe me, the entry fee is a small pittance compared to the value of the info here.

All of the material from all the contributors has been amazing. It just makes sense and the no nonsense way it’s presented makes it so easy to see.

AWESOME!!!! I took +220 pips. This is the best material no question.

i made 12 k on this pin bar trade.

1st let me say “UNBELIEVEABLE”.

I’ve never seen anything like it.
Who could ask for more?

This is my second month with you and I am blown away by this stuff.

It’s funny. I know enough about the stuff you are teaching to ‘get it’
instantly — but I have never actually used it before. It’s like we think
things are too simple to be worthwhile, so we go looking for more
complicated things that must be ‘better’ just because they are complicated.
The way you showed the Pivot Zones in sideways consolidation is gold

Since I started trading the James16 teachings 6 months ago, my account is up 63%. I am averaging 10% per month profit with my worst month being a 5% increase and my best month was April with an (astounding to me) 16.9% increase!!!

The site is great and well worth the monthly dues in my opinion.

Joining J16 is the best money I have ever spent in Forex. Period. In fact, the psych guy is so good, I quit smoking after 22 years using his advice on something totally unrellated.

Thank you also for everything you’ve done. Though I am behind the scene a lot but your teachings have helped me immensely.

i joined the site 2 weeks ago and u truelly are a gift from god.

hope that you are fine just dropped by to say that your hard work really changed the way I look at trades and I keep improving day by day there was nothing better than the 50 pips on this trade today as a demonstration keep it up.

this was not that perfect pin but 50 pips in the pocket made my day thanks again.

You’re putting a smile on my face as I’m slowly (seems like forever!) building back up my account with your material.

I just wanted to share with you my appreciation for what you and the other guys are doing with the JAMES16 PF. I had struggled with this business for over 9 months before I found you guys about 12 months ago. I had fallen for every gimmick going because I was so determined to succeed at this and was too eager to hand over money to other “experts” to help me get where I wanted to be. I soon realised that the most of these “Forex experts” are indeed just excellent marketers and nothing else.

Hi Jim, you are the only one that teach something that really works. You’re my hero. Thank you so much.

Saw that bar and played it exactly as you have shown in the chart. Worked out just like I knew it would based on the J16 teachings for some decent profit. It’s almost scary 🙂

I just wanted to say that I�m so glad I stumbled across your site. I�m still demo-ing at the moment, but lately all the material I have been reading/watching has started to make more & more sense.

It�s so refreshing is to see a group of very genuine individuals so willing to help others. I�m actually starting to believe I could become successful doing this!

I appreciate your efforts and would also like to add that your material has helped me immensely. At this moment I sit + 60pips on a NZD/USD J16 Pinbar.

Just in the last two weeks of being in your group I have turned just under a 10% profit (I always use proper risk and position sizing so this is not overleveraged profit) and my curse of the breakeven might be finally lifted. In the these last two weeks I have made two months worth of subscription to this forum already , even with my little 3.5K micro account. So to say the stuff you learn in here certaintly pays off.

You can’t imagine how much the way I trade has changed with the stuff you teach You’re the one !

This website brought me into the world of forex and into profitability.

the past two weeks have been monumental to me
especially the part that you mentioned a couple of weeks ago about hitting
‘A’ trades only with substantial account size. Jim, this past week I’m up
197 pips but more importantly my demo account dollars have increased
substantially. My successful trade ratio is about 70%. My only losses were B
trades that I missed the mark by only a couple of pips.

I have been with you almost a month now. Although i dont feel i have too much to say in the forums i check them regularly and i’m slowly taking it all in, my demo is up 13% in three weeks, including a few teething mistakes.

It is all gelling for me and I know it’s much to do with listening to your
constant “simple as dirt” charting and “make this a business” messages.
Please don’t worry about being redundant, it’s just what I needed.

Even though I was a member for only a month (although I’ll be coming back, that’s for sure), I want to thank you for everything I learned during that month. I’m already trading with tons more confidence than I used to before I joined. I think one of the most important things I learned is that now I’m able to tell exactly when a trade has failed. You know, when you trade moving average crossovers and you get an entry signal, and it goes against you, I used to cross my fingers and still hope for the best – after all, I did get a signal, didn’t I? I didn’t want to doubt the moving average crossover, and I lost heavily. Now I no longer need to pray for a signal to work. I know exactly when a trade succeeds and when to take profit, and I also know when a trade fails and where to take my loss. You have no idea how liberating that is, and you have my heartfelt thanks for that. God bless you and your family.

I’d just like to say that one of the things that I and I�m sure many others
REALLY appreciate, is that you don�t use everything you do as just another
excuse to try to sell us something else (like some other people do who I
don�t have anything to do with any more) � no names no pack drill, but
needless to say I don�t use pivots! Everything you do is about keeping it clean – your charts, your site, your
attitude. I for one appreciate not having ads all over your site.

I just want to thank you once again for being an inspiration to me.
I’ve been at this for 3 years now, and I am determined to make it work for me , and just being reminded of what to do and what not to do , is a HUGE help in this emotionally very challenging business.

I can go on and on telling you about this trade. Its not my biggest
winner, but i dont think i have ever felt more satisfied after a
closed trade ever. Been trading on and off for 4-5 years.

Just wanted to send you a big thank you for access to your great site.

It has been around 8 weeks since I joined the group and my trading has really turned around.
I use to have trouble remembering my winning trades but now I have trouble remembering the losing ones.

I just wanted to let you know that after reading quite extensively and then joining the webinar last night, I made my first 3 demo trades on the gbp/jpy, usd/jpy, and the aud/jpy using daily pinbars.  Last night I had told you I had been trading the news for the last couple of years, but have blown out a couple of accounts, so I am happy to say that they were all winners for 133 pips total!!  I haven’t looked at the exit training for exiting the trades so I just took profit at the first level of resistance on some low bars!  I just set the trades last night and woke up(first time in awhile getting some good sleep!), and my trades were all closed with great profit.  Thank you so much for the help and I can’t wait to keep learning!!

Your methods are the best i have ever used. i have been researching many methods over the last 2 years and yours is the most profitable and most straightforward.

“I know you are pounded with emails everyday, most of which are asking questions, and asking for help, but I wanted to take the time to thank you.
As I have only been a member for a few short months, I still have a long way to go. However, for the first time in my short trading career, I feel that I am truly going to make it. Actually, I should say I know. My results are getting better and better. I cannot tell you the frustration I have had in the previous months before finding my new “internet home.”
I have to admit, that spending the fee every month kept me away for some time. However, I can honestly say this: It is some of the best money I have ever spent. Your monthly fee has become almost like another “monthly expense” in some ways. A lot like the phone bill. I don’t think or worry about it, I just know it’s something that is necessary. I feel this group is THAT important. Actually, in all fairness, I believe this group gives me more for my money than the other “bills”.
I have been following mbqb11’s “My exit strategy” thread lately. He just put out a video today that really opened my eyes on a daily pinbar in the AUD/USD pair I played about 2 weeks ago….I could very easily still be in that trade, and now I know why.
This thread is a perfect example of what you have accomplished. It still amazes me that total strangers (who aren’t being paid.) are willing to go way out of their way to post videos to help other strangers. (The fact this amazes me is probably what’s wrong with this world. But that’s another conversation.)
While yes….I would say your strategies are great, I believe that the true testimony to what you have started is the very fact that the members really do try to help each other. There are so many different people helping others, and paying to be here at the same time. The group is the only place on the net where genuine concern for others is so obvious. In a business where greed and fear drive everything, this is truly an amazing accomplishment.
I just wanted to thank you, and to remind you of how proud you should be of this endeavor. “

“It has literally been my salvation from traders hell – a downward equity curve”

“The info you get even for one month beats the heck out of any ebook or trading course you can get for the money I believe, and I think many others here, it is the best value anywhere to learn all aspects of trading. I personally plan on being a member of th PF for a long time to come. By the way I would like to give many thanks to all of the people involved with the James16 Group. They have finally give me some direction in my learning how to trade. “

“Do you believe I analyzed my past trades and I have got over 850 pips (It is not all because I analysed biggest gains) from only pin bar stuff. Now I understand why you trade only daily/weekly pin bars with your account.”

“I don’t want to exaggerate but for me, James16 Group rocks! Actually, I really don’t know how to comment about it… But to say the least, it’s been really helpful..

“Excellent work to all! Keep up the great work!”

“Jim,I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort you and the others have put into this. I’ve been trading fx now for a number of years with limited success and spent a lot of money on ebooks, courses, etc.There is so much information here that I have only scratched the surface in 8 hrs of research, and thats only in your thread!
I am thrilled as I have already made 50pips (demo trading only of course) using ONLY price action as my guide (and this on my first trade, beginners luck, maybe!).
This information is brilliant and I can’t thank you enough for the time and effort being devoted to teaching us people who are so keen to follow this trading journey with you.”

“WOW !!! A much used word here today, but it is an inadequate expression for this forum….”

“WOW!! All the james16-team have done a great job. All this charts, examples and detailed instructions and tips. It’s all far better than expected. You guys are great!”

“I am deeply impressed with all the work you guys have made. I need to let it all sink in as I read myself through the sections.”

“Absolutely awesome, the James16 team have done a great job! I’ve spent the past few hours trying to take it all in! It might take me a good couple of days to really begin to digest all of the information.”

“Gold! Fantastic information and guidance. I have learn so much in just one day! Really appreciate all of the hard work (and years of experience) that has gone into this PF.”

“I am amazed! And I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed by anything!”

“I just want to express my thanks at all the hard work you and the other team members for James16Group PF have put it. Got up this morning and was completely overwhelmed ( GMT +8). I feel like an 8 year old and it the best christmas present I ever had.”

“WOW! is the only word that comes to mind at the present.”

“I am so far demoing the 6/365. I’ve only had the chance to make 1 trade so far (waiting for setup), but it was for 40+ pips.
Will be trying more soon “

“trust me – the Goddess never lies. You’ll stay if the quality of the forum remains as it does at time of writing”

“Hi good people! This is my first post in the PF and I am truly amazed at how much great info there is! My expectations have been far, far exceeded, well done to the whole PF Team!”

“I’ve been like a kid in a candy store bouncing back and forth not knowing what to read first.”

“I am thrilled to finally experience the Knife System in all its glory. Your explanation and tutorial are fantastic.”

“First: a big thank you. I cannot express how much value I have received from FF and now from the PF.”

“Just wanted to give you kudos on a fantastic job!”

“Dial, you’ve put together one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen regarding a trading system, heck regarding anything…and I’ve had my share of schooling, believe me, but this stuff is so much more fun than any of that previous stuff, although gross anatomy was very enlightening and close”

“I won’t repeat what others have said here, except for one comment;
I trashed all my fx related e-books in the first week after joining pf.”

“I’ve learned more about price action and how it relates to trading since you started, then all the time I spent, over the past couple of years trying to find the perfect indicator.Every day I get a little smarter (if you can believe that )between whats on the PF, all the good folks here and Forex Factory, I’m happier than a pig’n shit!”

“I have only been here on James private for about 2 months, and i can’t tell you whats it done for my trading. I do trade live (did before this with success, but no confidence). Now I am trading less, making more and feel confident. Although I spend about 12+ hours a day on trading/studying(sleep maybe 3 hours a night). This PF has been amazing. Things just seem more clear, and I wish you all the luck! I know I have a long ways to go, but so far its been worth all the sweat and tears.”

“I´ve joined the PF on march and thanks to the commitment of the people involved in the James16group, specially James, I started a real account (very small capital involved) and my results are pretty impressive, today I reached the the 1000 pips level gained on 85 days trading this real account on only 17 trades. I´m now 12% up on my account risking only 2% a trade on the daily charts and 0.5% on a intraday trade. I now realize that the ones that made it don´t look for super gains, but for steady gains on the long term. I don´t have enough funds to live by trading my style, but I´ll in 3-5 years, because the knowledge and the tips from experts like James made the business a lot easier for me. Hope that this group keep growing and we can still count on James, Dialist and Fiji for the precious tips.
Trading is not only know some methods, it involve a lot of mental capability that everyone has to develop to become a better trader. I´ll be a member of this group till it exists, because it´s not easy finding people that really want to help other people, most of them are selling useless products and methods and the James16 group doesn´t sell it, they teach you how to do it, and I´m very glad to know that I´m capable of doing what I tought it was impossible.”

“Heres a trade i just did (using micro-lots of course with my account size). Classic J16 setup , i modified the 10/25/150 a bit, i use and 8/21/150/365 but still the same basic principles apply here. I made 80 pips on this trade and it hardly went against me at all. I really love the idea of getting in with the longer term trend on these pull backs. This system works great when combined with price action and money management. Jim was NOT lying about this stuff. It works.”

“Let me begin by saying that I’m not a shill and have no vested interest whatsoever in saying anything positive about this group, except for the fact that I believe it to be true.I joined the pf just several days ago, and spent just as many sleepless nights absorbing just a fraction of the information contained therein, taking assiduous notes in the process. Now I may be new to Forex and have a long way to go, but I’d like to think I can distinguish between a charlatan and the real deal when I see one. IMO, these guys are about as good as they get. Just by reading through the public James16 chart thread, I probably learned more about reading the charts than anywhere else combined – one of the major reasons for me signing up for the pf in the first place. It’s just like James said – what’s in the public forum is just the tip of the iceberg.These folks running the pf are some of the most dedicated, intelligent, eloquent, and downright nicest people you’ll ever meet, and the stuff they teach you is gold.”


“Dear Jim,
I want to thank you and the others from the bottom of my heart! I have been paper trading Futures and Commodities, paper and real cash trades on options, and paper and real cash on the forex. I have never seen much of a profit at all from those trades, I was ready to give up but had no other source of income and a trading account with some cash in it. I was losing so I stopped trading.
I have been trading off and on for the last 4+ years in multiple markets with no success. After a great deal of prayer, I went to your site from the forexfactory. Wow! my paper trading and my real cash trades completely turned around. Now, on my paper trading, in the last three days, I have went from one or two successful trades to 14 successful out of 16 trades (87.5%)! In the past, I would paper trade until I had 70%-80% success but then would fail when trading real cash.
I no longer clutter up my screen with indicators, objects, etc. I thank God for what you and Douglas and Charles have done! I have traded a lot in the last few days on my paper trading and from that was ready to get back into real cash—that has been a tremendous boost. I already have a nice cash return. I love the rifle approach! Since I am familiar with the charts, etc. all I needed to do was to make a major tweek (oxymoron) in my trading—and it worked. I paper trade a lot so that I can see what I need to do to make better trades. Thanks for the site, thanks for the very low cost to get on board–you are right–the $129 is such a small price to make a large amount of cash in a smart trading fashion! I have a lot to learn and by God’s grace and mercy, your dedication and years of loses and gains–I am further ahead! For this I am thankful!
God bless you and I cannot say thank you enough,”

“‘my exit stratergy’ thread by mbqb11 take a look youll like it!!!
In fact i can say in the last 2 months it is the diffinitive exit strat on dailys….Gbp/jpy…usd/jpy….eur/doll…usd/cad…..massive moves…..massive pips…in fact im about to up the ante on the dailys there that good………this forum rocks,all you need is right here,this time last year i had no idea,january i did base 150/365 may dailys weeklys now,my problem is that i cant actually believe iv made over maybe 40 consecutive winning calls,remember the trending cads……ahahaha i love trading”

“Thank you for opening my eyes, from the bottom of my heart. You will be the
prime influence I will credit when I start my hedge fund. No more 18 hour
trading/research days…consecutive lonely days locked in my room studying,
day after day, beyond frustration and toil, looking for an indicator based
“system”. In short, trading is my life, and you have no idea what you have
just done for me. Thank you again, 1000 times over, Peter”

“It felt good making this trade, I entered on a buy stop 5 pips below the low of the pin bar @ 1.0530 and took partial profits at the second support level @ 1.0487 and basically siphoned off 80 pips on 2 mini-lots. Best trade I’ve made so far. Also did the same entry strategy on EUR/CAD and sucked off 50+ pips there as well. THis has been my best day ever. *JAMES , THIS FORUM ROCKS*.”

“hey uncle james,hope ur doing good.
am writting to u to tell u how greatfull i am, no matter how much i write, it wouldnt be enough for what i learnt from you,
this is my history:i have a bachelors in Finance and Investment Management and i swear to god the only thing they gave us in uni was bull market and bear market, thats it and some hedging policies. right now am doing MBA in finance aswell. always my dream was to look at charts and understand them, this is my second month with forex journey and my 1st month with ur private forum, i have some friends who have been in forex for 2-3 years, and i can tell in all honesty i can pick trades better than they do(i know its my 1st month demoing) but i can totally analyse the charts like a pro comparing to them and i can explain why this happen and why that happen simple with just price action, u dont know how happy i get ever time i look at a chart and analyse it, i keep praying for u and ur family all the time specially when i look at charts and i can know that i will be a successful trader in the future,. sorry for the long post but i wanted to express my feelings to u and am proud to have a new uncle like u.”

“I just signed up for the PF a few days ago… I have only read a few pages… and already my trading has improved 1000% !!!
Why I waited so long, I do not know… Just a few pages gave me more than I have heard learned in more than 2 years !!!
Finally no more forex secrets… !!
I do not know that I can afford to stay for the whole 12 months.. I am still trading 25 cents per pip trades… and money is tight… if I had joined a while back… I might be trading 50 cents a trade by now !!!
I WILL pass the word on !! I have never seen anything better than this !!!!”

“hello james,
i just wanted to say thank you once again.
i have been reading and reading and studying the charts. last night i discovered a pin bar and posted it in the forum. today it has had a large move in my favour. i know things won’t always work out so well but you really have opened my eyes to a different way of trading. that’s the only way i can describe it. looking back at the way i was trading only a few weeks back it seems like i was literally blind. now looking at price action and confirmation of it, i feel empowered. what you have taught and continue to teach is invaluable. you are a truly great man and you have taken me from feeling very down with myself and having no faith in my ability, to seeing the light. i over the moon with happiness in the space of a week. james, thank you.”

“I signed up with the PF this morning and have been browsing many of the
threads. WOW is not the word to describe what you have here. I love what I
see! I will be spending a lot more time reading and studying the site.
THIS FAR BETTER THAN THE PUBLIC SIDE. I will be successful. Thank you and
may you and your family be blessed in the life after!
This is going to quite a Fantastic Journey.”

“I have taken Jim’s advice on trading daily and weekly charts exclusively in the last 3 weeks. I am getting 150+ pips for 2 out of past 3 weeks, and I even missed quite a few of the good trading opportunities on JPY crosses earlier this week because I didn’t want to over commit in my live account. Most of the trades are taken on just PIN and IB’s with the reference to Price Pivot and long term EMA’s. And I can still have a life [no need to glue myself to the screen all day long ;-)]!

“I have only been here on James private for about 2 months, and i can’t tell you whats it done for my trading. I do trade live (did before this with success, but no confidence). Now I am trading less, making more and feel confident. Although I spend about 12+ hours a day on trading/studying(sleep maybe 3 hours a night). This PF has been amazing. Things just seem more clear, and I wish you all the luck! I know I have a long ways to go, but so far its been worth all the sweat and tears.”

“First of all thanks for the answers, they respond all my questions.
I´ve joined the PF on march and thanks to the commitment of the people involved in the James16group, specially James, I started a real account (very small capital involved) and my results are pretty impressive, today I reached the the 1000 pips level gained on 85 days trading this real account on only 17 trades. I´m now 12% up on my account risking only 2% a trade on the daily charts and 0.5% on a intraday trade. I now realize that the ones that made it don´t look for super gains, but for steady gains on the long term. I don´t have enough funds to live by trading my style, but I´ll in 3-5 years, because the knowledge and the tips from experts like James made the business a lot easier for me.
Trading is not only know some methods, it involve a lot of mental capability that everyone has to develop to become a better trader. I´ll be a member of this group till it exists, because it´s not easy finding people that really want to help other people, most of them are selling useless products and methods and the James16 group doesn´t sell it, they teach you how to do it, and I´m very glad to know that I´m capable of doing what I tought it was impossible.
A Big Thank for you guys!”

“I’ve finally finished my first month of demoing going all out and the results in front of me left me speechless! I’m currently using the mix of Knife and Price Action and the evidence cannot be denied. Last time I checked my account was up MoM 13%. By your standards this is probably nothing, but I come from losing money without even know why. Mooney would just vanish from my account and i had nothing to show for it. but after heeding your advice i switched back to demoing to learn a real system.
I can tell you that i took about tons of trades this month, many even just to test out the probability of certain setups which had very low chances of making profits. nonetheless my account came out in the black at month’s end. there is a long list of losing trades but all it took was a knife/PA combo trade to turn the tide completely around. Before I couldn’t trades for hundreds of pips at a time were possible. and just to point out again, the first few trades of this month were losers, but once again, atm i’m back above balance. that’s some priceless magic you guys have. I’m with you all the way! Thanks a million, and a million bucks in the near future.”

“Heres a trade i just did (using micro-lots of course with my account size). Classic J16 setup , i modified the 10/25/150 a bit, i use and 8/21/150/365 but still the same basic principles apply here. 8/21 ema move through the 150 ema along with price then we get a pull back to the 150. I made 80 pips on this trade and it hardly went against me at all. I really love the idea of getting in with the longer term trend on these pull backs. This system works great when combined with price action and money management. Jim was NOT lying about this stuff. It works.”

“OK, I just went through all 95 pages of this gigantic thread, and my eyesockets are just about exhausted and bleeding from the impact. Wow. This is some of the most comprehensive, illuminating, illustrative and detailed education I have ever had. Thank you so much, dial, for the patience, eloquence and care you’ve put into these lessons. As a newbie to these forums, it is truly astounding to see in one fell swoop the subtle improvements and evolutions the Knife method has gone through in this thread. The move to GMMA I feel is right on, although it’s going to take me numerous iterations to understand it all.”

“it is never been easier for me guys
Thanx James16”

“Ive read all posts up through the New strategies / ongoing education thread and i just felt compelled to share the fact that i feel like i have come accross a literal gold mine of information here at the PF. Its almost like up until this point ive been trading/paper trading in the pitch blackness and now the James16 group has turned the lights on and i can see. Amazing, subscribing to this private forum is probably the smartest thing ive ever done in my life up to this point. Awesome awesome awesome …”

“I just wanted to say thanks! I took your definition of an “A” trade from the 150 base and when the cable caught me in that little hiccup last night (9/1/06) on the 60 min chart I was long and in 10 minutes I was way in the hole on both the cable and the Fiber. Before I understood what the chart had to say I had closed the Fiber. Big mistake. Both had touched the 150 ema. I loaded up on the cable and went to bed, I was $1400 in the hole. When I woke up I had made 300+ pips on the cable over 5 full loads for a profit of about $3800. Was fun! I have a new Jazz tune to write! “Ride the “A” trade”.
Once again Thanks”

“Jim, this forum is like no other. I have paid for courses and training, but none have even come close to what I have learned here.
Between you and diallist, and fiji…I have gotten more than my money’s worth. In ONE SINGLE “KNIFE” trade, I have already paid for over 6months worth of your forum.
It seems like such a long time ago, but I can hardly remember life before PF. The insight, the knowledge, the wisdom that is shared, the honesty…I could go on and on….
There’s no where elso I can go to get what you and others have shared here. Count me another happy, satisfied customer.”

“I am sure that you get this all of the time, but I would like to say that this stuff is great. I thank you for all of your time , blood, sweat, and tears that you have put into this. You have given me a place that I feel welcome, and dont hesitate to ask questions. You have put the fun back into learning and trading. Now if you could only talk to my wife so she wont get upset at me for being on the internet all of the time . Really James, I want to sinsearly say thankyou your PF means it alot to me. I feel like I have a chance to make it as a trader, one day. I would like to give back to the trading community the way that you have. Take care, and be safe its a crazy world.

I joined James16 PF recently and have since then studied like never before (even not back in medical school)
First I want to thank Jim and the Team, and all other traders here who care about newbies like me! This rocks”

“Jim, Dial and Fiji,
Can’t even find words to say how much benefit I have obtained from this forum in the last year! “Thanks” just somehow seems so empty and lacking. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to shake your hand and enjoy a cold adult beverage together and tell you in person.
I went from a total noob trader who just learned about Forex a year ago June to a profitable trader taking those “sniper” shots and practicing sound money management while being aware (and more savy) of the gamut of emotions that goes with this whole venture. I would have easily been one of the “95 percenters” without you guys. I also have to thank all the mentors here who donate a wealth of experience and time – you have been invaluable as well.
It was a fast year! I look forward to many more ahead!”

“Learning james16 over the last 2 months is now beginning to pay off for me… made my bigest trade of my life this week with + 600 pips or so. Of coarse they were cheap pips of only 4 cents each… but still added 1% to may account and added tons of faith to my trading…”

“Hey Jim,
I just wanted to thank you again and let you know of my progress. Since I have been doing price action and your Price Action with ma’s the way you teach it in systems (this really sewed it up), I have seen a tremendous amount of increase not only in confidence but also in my trading. My “money management” system is not as tight as it is taught here, but I am extremely careful about the trades as to taking even small amounts of pips. From the last six days, my paper trading account has went from $65,000 to now $184,107! I have always been very successful in down markets with shorts and puts (when trading options). I have a major learning curve on uptrending markets.”

“After my last email, the testimonial on my 14 out of 16 winners, I took a big nose dive. It was discouraging until I went back and read your posts—as you suggested–IN ORDER! From that, my trading went on steroids! My real cash trades made about 32% increase on my account in 5 days!
The changes has been two fold: 1) my confidence and 2) entry points! The entry points made a huge difference. I had a trade, real cash, last night on 19 pip SL. It was logical, fit with the 4hr and was traded on the daily. Everything fit! It all made sense! Wow, God has truly used you as a blessing!
One more thing, I am coming to the completion of one month–where do I make my next payment of $129.00 or is it automatically taken from my credit card?
Thanks again Jim, you have made a difference in my life and the life of my family, to God be the Glory!”

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how it’s going. No need to reply I know
you’re killing pips and working on the PF. I’ve attached my one month statement. Made
$2,000.00 and some change. I had two trades really kill me with large S/L’s around $2,000.00.
Both pin bars which got stopped out. I’ve reread all the price action info again and found
where I made my mistakes. Won’t happen again!!!! Would have been up four grand if not for those
two mistakes.
Well gotta go demo some more. Thanks again for all your hard work. You’ve made a big difference
in my life.”

“Just watched the market update video and my reaction in short is Holy Mother of God that’s unbelievable.
The other videos james did was amazing enough, this one is guaranteed to convert those unbelievers of the ppz.
Keep’em coming jim!”

“BTW, I really want to thank you for all the information that I have gathered from your service. I`ve been trading for over 2 years and I can say that I`ve been suscessful trader but with your style of trading I have add soooooo much to my account. I didn`t trade too much in the beggining of the august, I`ve been enjoying my vacation in Australia but since I came back which is the 15 of august till now I am + 1870 pips, just using your method.”

“Thanks for the continued support and help. This week was a blessing. The Dollar/Swiss (I guess some do not like it) had a beautiful head and shoulders set up, but what was impressive was not that (it was perfect though 17 bars to the center on both sides), it had a gorgeous PB, bounce off of the 150, using the daily and 4h, it crossed the 365, 150, and 6 and made me wait for about three to four days for it to really move (just to name a few of the price action indicators). This morning it made its move! It was an excellent “A” for me (I believe it has about another 100+ to move but coming up to the weekend, I am unsure of leaving it in–I am very happy though with what I received). I thank God for the 172 pip move on my cash account. And, Jim, again, thank you!”

“I may edit this later as I am not quite in the right state of mind to be writing, but Jim’s posts really touched me. The REAL turning point in my trading was back-testing. I won’t repeat it but read it again. No other business does anything that they can’t prove on paper. Why should we? We think we know something but we really don’t. Anyone and I mean ANYONE can make it in this business if he/she wants it bad enough(What they are made of). Are you willing to do years of back-tests 1 candle at a time? If not don’t bother. Are you willing to study all the time? I can say with utmost confidence that everyone that is losing money in this game long-term is losing because of poor back-testing or none at all. In short if it isn’t successful in back-tests what makes you think it will work forward? If you are not willing to back-test what in the world makes you think you are entitled to the life that many others have worked extremely hard for?? I have given up a lot in order to get wh
ere I am. I am just now able to identify the trades that I should not have taken. Everything I know is based on back-tests. The things I read and hear I only think. Jim you are a real inspiration, when I grow up I wanna be like you!”

“Hello everybody! I signed up recently and am absolutely blown away by the dedication and hard work I’ve seen so far. Jim, thank you so much for all of your work and generosity and assistance. And huge thanks also to the regular posters who add so much to these discussions. I don’t want to leave the other teammembers out but I haven’t gotten to their forums yet. :)”

“I have learned more from your group than I have from anywhere else in my 6 years of trading. I will re-subscribe in a few months. I am a private contractor/consultant and will be on assignment for a few months and will not have time to participate in the group. I will demo my account during that time using the wealth of knowledge that you have shared to the world. Thanks for all that you have done!”