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Meet The James16Group Instructors

Jim Herndon (James16)

9-18-2015 6-23-38 PM

Founder of the James16Group.  Jim has been trading for over 32 years and started with a pen and graph paper.  Trading Forex, Stocks, Options, Futures  he has seen and done it all.

Mike Bozzello (MBQB11)

9-18-2015 6-22-11 PM

Mike has been trading for over 13 years.  Starting in forex and moving onto both Stocks and some futures markets.  His ability to teach both brand new traders and advanced is what sets him apart.

Kevin Sass (KevinS)

9-18-2015 6-35-59 PM

Kevin is the group Options Master.  A subject many find daunting Kevin with over 8 years of options trading is able to break this topic down simply and efficiently.




Learn Price Action Trading

What we do is SIMPLE.  Learn to read and understand PRICE.  No more crazy indicators.  Learn to read what the chart is telling you. Then you are unstoppable.

Step By Step Tutorials

Find a complete list of step by step Video and Text Tutorials.  No matter if you are brand new to trading or been around for 20 years we have it covered!

Ongoing Market Commentary

Always stay up to date with our instructors through easy to follow blogs.   Watchlists, live trade examples, member q&A, and much more!

Live Weekly Webinars

Interactive Live Webinars are held weekly by our instructors.  Chat and voice make you feel right at home. All webinars are recorded for your convenience and we have over 1,000 for you to watch when you want too. Never worry about missing one.

Interactive Forums

We have hands down the BEST community around!  We are traders interacting 24/7. With New and old members alike. Start a journal, get your questions answered, interact with instructors daily and more. Our forums are always hopping!

Unlimited Price Alerts

We offer price alerts to your phone or email on over a HUNDRED forex pairs.  Set alerts on as many pairs you need and get alerted in real time. At work and need to be alerted when price gets to a certain level?  No problem.  Be sure to try it out for free below!

Trader Tools

We have made available a great list of trader tools for members and non members.  Including Interactive Charts,  Chart Price Alerts, Position Sizing Calculator, & a Market Hours Map.  We know as traders we need these tools to be more effective.

Guest Area

Not a member? We still want to help you. The James16Group Has for over 10 years helped Tens of Thousands of non members for free at ForexFactory on our FREE Thread HERE.  Please visit our guest area for more free information & videos.

J16 Real Estate

Not only do you get all the great trading information from James, but you will have access to a wealth of Real Estate related information to. James believes rolling over your trading profits to invest in real estate creates a great passive stream of high return income.

The Search

Jim’s personal spiritual journey. The bottom line folks?  If you want truth your gonna have to go find it. My personal search for truth has been a long solitary road. I need the truth and maybe I won’t be all alone now.  Some of you will greatly enjoy this part of the website. Many have for many years.

J16 Family Foundation

The James16 Group first and foremost has always been a family. It started with 20 lonely Forex Factory members in 2005.  As a lifetime family member you will have access to the power the family provides.  Click To Read More about this support that this part of the foundation looks to provide.

J16 Group Charities

As a large group of people all striving for similar goals we could do no better than to help those that truly need it.  Giving back is essential to the process of what we stand for and now we will be able to do it organized manner.  As a whole we have the ability to really do some great things for those that need it.

Ready To See What We Do In action for FREE?

Below you will find a sample of Instructor videos.

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Beginner Forex Price Action Webinar

Are you brand new to Price Action?  Looking for beginner information?  Here is a free newbie webinar on the price action bars used in the group.

Forex Webinar Price Prediction

Ever wish you could predict price with EXTREME accuracy?  Guess what you can.  Watch this video from James on doing just that.

Introduction To Options Webinar

Are you intimidated by Options?  Don’t worry Kevin is here to hold your hand every step of the way. From A-Z.  Check out this Introduction Webinar he did for the group.

Pinbar Trade Idea Example

Pinbars are one of the most common price action bars used in the group.  When traded in the right spot they can be deadly profitable.  Watch an example posted in real time to the group here.

Where Is Price Going Video Series

Watch an entire series of where is price going videos.  These videos show the previous days prediction followed by the next days result.  Imagine doing this with 90% success?

Mini Dow Trade Idea Example

Using Support and resistance and price action analysis works in ALL markets.  Here is a mini dow futures trade utilizing the material posted in real time for the group.